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How will the Freedom Crutch benefit me?

The Freedom Crutch is a padded platform that attaches to most conventional crutches allowing the user to rest the knee of their injured leg while walking. This allows the user to take pressure off of their armpits while walking. The Freedom Crutch can be used with both crutches or just one.

Is there a weight limit to the Freedom Crutch?

Yes. The Freedom Crutch is made of 1/8 inch Aluminum composite material that has been tested to withstand most stressful situations. However, the Freedom Crutch is not rated for use by persons weighing more than 250 lbs.

How Do I use the Freedom Crutch?

Guidelines for Usage:

Start by attaching the Freedom Crutch accessory, using the provided hardware, to your crutch so that the knee pad platform is at a comfortable height.

Learning to walk with the Freedom Crutch

When using the Freedom Crutch (or any kind of assisting walking device) for the first time, you should start out on carpet or some other non-skid surface. Never use crutches of any kind on wet slippery surfaces!

1) While using two crutches (one with the Freedom Crutch attached) place the knee of the injured leg in the Freedom Crutch knee platform.
2) While standing upright adjust your weight so that an equal amount of weight is distributed between the right and left leg.
3) Pull up slightly on the hand-grip so that the knee rest fits snugly against your knee and move the injured leg and the Freedom Crutch forward about one half of a normal step.
4) Check your balance before proceeding to the next step.
5) Place your weight on the Freedom Crutch and bring your other leg forward and half of a normal step in front of the injured leg.
6) Repeat steps 3 through 5.
7) Continue practicing until you feel comfortable using the Freedom Crutch and be sure to lift the crutch completely off the ground while walking so the crutch tip doesn't drag on the floor causing the crutch to not move forward with your leg.

You should feel comfortable enough after a few minutes to take your normal full steps.

Using the Freedom Crutch with a hand free

With practice you can maneuver about while having a hand free. This takes some practice and should not be attempted until you are quite comfortable using the Freedom Crutch.

1) After some time you may feel comfortable walking without using the crutch that doesn't have the Freedom Crutch attached to it.
2) You should pull the knee rest up against your knee to ensure it moves along with your leg.
3) With your weight on the non-injured leg, move the Freedom Crutch forward and up and take a half step.
4) Check your balance before proceeding to the next step.
5) Place your weight on the Freedom Crutch and bring your non-injured leg forward and ahead of your injured leg.
6) Repeat steps 3 through 5.

The key to walking with a hand free is to maintain a tight upward grip on the crutch with the Freedom Crutch attached.